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Star Wars Storm Trooper 3D Necklace

Star Wars Storm Trooper 3D Necklace


  • $14.95

Is your dream office the Death Star? Come to the dark side, we have beautiful 3D necklaces like this amazing Star Wars Storm Trooper! This beautifully hand painted pendant with exquisite detailing in black is an amazing piece of jewelry and a great way to solidify your allegiance to Lord Darth Vader.

If you always found yourself empathizing with the dark side, this is your chance to show off your loyalty. This small yet vibrant 3D necklace goes with anything you wear and is sure to attract attention from fellow Star Wars fans! Made from sturdy and rust-proof metal, this cute and simple storm trooper 3D necklace is available in a single size and is a great idea for a present, whether for a birthday, a promotion or just ‘cuz!

Dimensions : 1 3/8th in W x 1 5/8th in H  
Material : Metal
Features : Hand painted in white and black

*One size fits all