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Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge

Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge


  • $19.95

Are you a hardcore Star Trek: Voyager fan? If you are traveling 75,000 light years from home, you will need something strong enough to communicate back home. We present to you the Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge! Made to perfection with its metallic shine as well as the magnetic clasp for your perfect uniform, this communicator badge completes the look of any Starfleet graduate.

What’s really cool about this communicator badge is that it was crafted out of the original molds used for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well as Star Trek: Voyager and stays true to the design as seen on screen. Not only did we study the badge on screen to replicate the design perfectly, we also ensured that the gold and silver finish was done to perfection, giving you a badge that is strong, sturdy, authentic and extremely stylish. With a short field magnet attached to the badge, you can easily wear and remove this badge on suede and leather without thinking about pinholes.

As seen in Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine