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Star Trek Tribble Plush - Brown


  • $9.95

Klingons beware! The mortal enemies of the Empire of Klingons, and we are talking about the Tribbles, are back – cuter and fluffier than ever! Stray Klingons better hurry on home before they are attacked by the cuteness that is this adorable brown plushie of a Tribble as seen in Star Trek: The Original Series. Known as the Polygeminus Grex, these soft and furry creatures originating from Iota Geminorum IV are built mainly to eat and grow in numbers. And now, you can have this adorable creature in your home for a small adoption fee.

Bring home this adorable 4 inch tall plush toy of a brown Tribble and you are sure to enjoy the company of Klingon’s greatest threats. Each Tribble comes in a special container complete with Tribble tips and suggestions to groom and keep your pet clean, tidy and happy! With extra long fur lining, this brown plushie is anything but menacing in your presence.    

Dimensions : 4 inches tall
Material : 100% polyester

Features : Tribble tips for maintenance