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Star Trek TOS Door Chime

Star Trek TOS Door Chime


  • $29.95

Are you constantly dreaming about your futuristic home and installing all the gadgets found on the Starship Enterprise? Well, you can start with the first one – this Star Trek TOS Door Chime!

Modeled and designed after the communicator panels found on the sets of Star Trek: The Original Series, this door chime is a must have for Trekkies looking to upgrade their homes. This motion sensitive door chime is a treat for any Trekkie as it senses movement near your main door and sounds the alarm when someone crosses your threshold. All you have to do is install it next to your main door. This door chime comes with two sound settings including the classic ‘whoosh’ sound when the door opens or a red alert klaxon that is sure to scare the hell out of intruders. After all, who wants to mess with the Captain!

This Star Trek TOS Door Chime is officially licensed by the website.

Dimensions : 6½” W x 5¼” H x 1” D  
Features : Push button for whistle sound

Requires 3 x AA batteries