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Star Trek: TNG Communicator Badge


  • $19.95

Can you hear us, Officer?

Looking for the x-factor to make your Star Trek cosplay stand out? This stunning Star Trek: The Next Generation Communicator Badge is exactly what you need to complete the ensemble and look authentically cool! This screen accurate badge is a shining beacon of hope amongst cosplayers scrambling to get it right. What’s more, you don’t even have to restrict to Star Trek conventions – this badge is so cool and stylish that you can wear it with pride on your coat or even pin it to your bag. Pledge allegiance to the Trekkie code by showing your true colors!

Crafting from using the original molds, we have designed every aspect of this Communicator Badge with care, having restored the old design from the TV series that changed the course of sci-fi television! An identical replica in every way, this badge even comes with a magnetic clasp that easily attaches itself to your uniform. With no worries of making pinholes, you can wear this badge with suede and leather too.