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Star Trek Lapel Pin Set

Star Trek Lapel Pin Set


  • $12.00

Every girl’s crazy about a sharply dressed man. Add a Star Trek Lapel pin onto your suit and make yourself even more irresistible. The Star Trek Lapel Pin set comes with a set of three gold-tone metal lapel pins, each showing the Command, Science and Engineering Starfleet insignias. The lapel pins come with push-button-back mechanism, making them easily attachable to any article of clothing.

This stunning set of Star Trek pins is the classiest way to show off your fandom in a subtle way. Whether you pin it to your business suit or your official Star Trek Enterprise uniform, this pin set will add flair to your ensemble and give you that sophisticated look. Made from sturdy and rust resistant metal with gold tone, this Star Trek Lapel Pin Set is the perfect gifting opportunity for your boss who secretly loves Star Trek and can’t help show off a little bit at that meeting.

Dimensions : 1 3/8” tall

Material : Rust proof metal with gold tone