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Star Trek Jewelry Set


  • $21.00

Starfleet bling on your mind? We have the perfect set for you! This Star Fleet Jewelry Set comprises of a pendant with neck chain and a pair of ear studs designed in the shape of one of the most recognizable symbols in the Star Trek Universe – the Starfleet Command. These pieces of jewelry are made of non-corrosive, solid cast metal for longevity and shine.

Both the pendant and the ear studs are the iconic Starfleet Command insignia, designed to perfection. With equal important laid to design, strength and simplicity, you can wear this stunning jewelry set with any outfit and make an impression! Whether you wear it as a symbol of loyalty towards Star Trek or just want to gift it to a female Trekkie, this jewelry set is affordable, stylish and long lasting. Get your hands on the Star Trek Jewelry Set today!

Dimensions: Pendant - 5/8”

Material: Solid cast metal and sterling