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Star Trek Enterprise Jigsaw Puzzle

Star Trek Enterprise Jigsaw Puzzle


  • $12.95

Are you bored? Got nothing to do while travelling from one star system to another? This Star Trek Enterprise Jigsaw Puzzle should keep you engrossed and entertained. With a thousand pieces of puzzling madness, you won’t even notice how time flew by. We like to think that this jigsaw puzzle is Picard’s favourite pastime, besides hot tea. So if you ever find yourself amidst a chaotic team that doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as you hoped, all you have to do is escape with this jigsaw puzzle and enjoy a quiet and contemplative afternoon!

After putting together over a thousand pieces together, you will discover this stunning image of the SS Enterprise along with essential data and other scientific readings that will give you a unique insight into the world of Star Trek. Get your hands on this amazingly detailed and incredibly high definition jigsaw puzzle today!  

Features : 1000 pieces