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Star Trek Enterprise Glass Set


  • $29.95

Are you a hardcore collector or an enterprising gifter? (Look at us being all pun-tastic!)

Either way if you love Star Trek, this glass set is perfect for you. The Star Trek Enterprise Glass Set is a set of four elegant and artsy glasses, each etched with the insignia of your Starfleet Command Division as well as the name and registry of your ship. Trekkies are amongst the most passionate fans and that reflects in their personal taste. Don’t tell us you haven’t dreamt of having kitchen a Star Trek themed kitchen, because we know you have!

Officially licensed by TOS, each glass is so authentically designed, you can almost see Captain Kirk, Bones and Spock relaxing in a bar after an adrenaline heavy mission or having a laugh at Spock’s expense on a lazy day off! Another round of that Romulan ale, please?

Dimensions : 3½” tall
Material: Glass
Capacity : 7 oz.

WARNING : Do NOT use in microwave or dishwasher!