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Star Trek Bat'Leth Full Size Prop Replica

Star Trek Bat'Leth Full Size Prop Replica


  • $229.00

Nothing displays bad-assery better than a Bat’Leth - and you thought Klingons were the only ones to reach this level of awesome.

Crafted by Kahless, the unforgettable full scale replica of the Bat’Leth is made out of sturdy and top grade aluminum and includes genuine leather wrap grip, identical to the props used in Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Wield your Sword of Honor in the battle for the pride of Klingon or simply show it off on the cold cast resin display stand. The display stand comes with a sweet Klingon insignia designed in aluminum as well as an awesome Certificate of Authenticity. This is the real deal, trekkies!

Dimensions : 43" W x 16" H x 1/4" D