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Serenity Firefly in Flight Bumper Sticker

Serenity Firefly in Flight Bumper Sticker


  • $4.95

Ah what a pure beauty - Serenity! If you are an admirer of the elegance and power displayed by this legendary Firefly-class ship, you can carry her with you everywhere with this bumper sticker. Made from high quality clear and weatherproof vinyl, this sticker can be used anywhere – from your laptop case to car bumpers! Show your solidarity towards the Firefly fandom with this simple and stylish sticker.

Capturing Serenity in-flight, this new and improved sticker is now weatherproof and fairly prominent. As strong and resilient as Serenity herself, this bumper sticker is equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use and can easily brave wear and tear as well as extreme weather conditions. Invoking the true spirit of this Firefly-class ship and being one of the brightest in The Verse, this sweet sticker is sure to delight Browncoats like you! Get your hands on this adorable Serenity in Flight Bumper Sticker today!

Dimensions : 6.5” W x 4” H
Material : Weatherproof clear vinyl
*Single size available