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Serenity Firefly Bank Heist Money Pack

Serenity Firefly Bank Heist Money Pack


  • $14.95

"Let's go be bad guys!" – Jayne

If there’s one thing we have learnt from traveling through the star systems, it’s this – nothing comes free. So once in a while, you may have to take on odd jobs to keep the reactor running and your ship in top shape, some of them not exactly legal. But we know one thing for sure – if you do your job right, you get the money. But what happens when you get the money and have to settle the bill? We have the solution

With 12 identical replicas of the Alliance script, the Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack is printed on top quality parchment and is wrapped in a glossy black box. We are also throwing in a map of Burnham Quadrant, the infamous home to Reaver space and the calm and peaceful Miranda. Taken directly from the works of Geoffrey Mandel, this authentic and high quality money pack is ideal for role playing games or to simply display on your prized mantle.

Material : High quality parchment

Features: 12 exact replicas (Alliance script). This set is completely sold out from the manufacturer and we've only got a few left!