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James Bond Quantum Pin Prop Replica


  • $34.95

‘Who the hell is this organization Bond? How can they be everywhere and we know nothing about them!’ - M

Presented as an exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con 2013, this amazing Q Pin Limited Edition prop will have you stand out.  Worn by the illustrious members of the Quantum of Solace organization, you too can show off your nefariousness with this stunning and classy looking pin. Copied directly from the prop archives of EON Productions, we have crafted this simple yet elegant pin with top quality silver. After all, most James Bond fans know what to expect in any film – sexy women and even sexier gadgets. It is limited edition in the true sense, with only 300 pieces ready for sale, complete with a 007 branded box based on the originals by EON Productions.  Only a few left!

Dimensions : 1:1 replica
Material : .925 Sterling Silver
Features : Military Clutch clasp, long pin shaft