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Doctor Who: My Mysterious Doctor Poster

Doctor Who: My Mysterious Doctor Poster


  • $6.95

If there is anything that sums up the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, it is this poster. Appearing in the awe inspiring and goosebumps-inducing episode of The Impossible Astronaut, this poster is everything you want it to be – cheeky, bold and positively scandalous! What adds to the charm of this poster is that like the original painting seen on the show, this too is unfinished.

Appearing on canvas barely clothed, the Eleventh Doctor went on a monumental journey in this Series 6 arc defying time, space and his own death. This painting was possibly painted by Matilda, a nobleman’s daughter who took a fancy to the Doctor. In this faithfully recreated version of the stunning oil painting with the title ‘My Mysterious Doctor’, Matt Smith is seen clutching a trident while triumphantly standing in front of unfinished sketches of two women. This edition is completely sold out from the manufacturer and we've only got a few left!

Dimensions : 24” H x 18” W
Material : 100 pound satin finish paper
*Single size available