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Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags


  • $14.95

Are you on the hunt for precious antiques? Do we have an interesting one for you! From the 26th century Unification War raging between the Independents and the Ruling Alliance, we bring you these amazing dog tags belonging to Malcolm Reynolds, a sergeant and ally of Corporal Zoe Alleyne who fought in the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Made from quality zinc alloy as well as a bronze finish, the dog tags feature the Independents Army logo as well as the upside down version that was accidentally aired onscreen. The top of the tags contain Chinese characters that translate to ‘soldier’ as well as the numbers 5 and 7 that symbolize the 57th Overlanders Brigade, to which Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds served. The other side of the dog tag contains QR code in peculiar 26th century writing. Underneath the code rests the serial number and ranking of Reynolds. Both sets of tags come with ball-chain necklaces and are packaged in Blue Sun cigarillo boxes.

Material : Zinc alloy with bronze finish
*Single size available