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Jurassic World Raptor Clicker


  • $6.95

This 101st Airborne Signal Device or “cricket” clicking device as used during the night landing ahead of the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944. This replica is in full working order and each one is stamped 1944 and is made from brass and steel just like the originals. Issued to the 101st Airborne, it gave them a way to covertly communicate position to coordinate landings. Perfect for historians, re-enactors, collectors and can even be used to signal your friends and raptors! From screen grabs we could just make out Owen using one at the onset of Jurassic World to enforce bahavior with "clicks" for his raptor friends. Makes sense he'd use one and have access to them with him being a military man. Complete your Owen outfit and train your own animals (raptors or not).