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James Bond Goldfinger Tracking Devices Prop Replica


  • $299.95

007 described this tracking device as ingenious and useful too! These tracking devices from Goldfinger are the accurate replica of the movie props and have been designed with care and utmost attention to detail. These transmitters, commonly referred to as homers in the movie were designed by the great Q-Branch as a two-part device.

While the smaller device was a portable standard issue piece for all agents, the larger homer was designed into the beautiful Aston Martin DB5, belonging to none other than 007 himself. With an awe inspiring range of 150 miles, the larger homer was designed mainly to track the Phantom Rolls Royce of Auric Goldfinger. Get your hands on this amazingly detailed and sturdy limited edition replica of the Goldfinger Tracking Devices immediately!

Materials : Stainless steel, aluminum, magnet, brass alloy
Features : Included 3 LR44 batteries
*Single size available


CAUTION: MAGNETIC FIELD! This product contains a powerful magnet. Appropriate care and caution should be taken with it at all times.