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James Bond GoldenEye Limited Edition Prop Replica


  • $299.95

The debut of arguably the best Bond of the modern age, Pierce Brosnan wowed crowds all over the world with his classy airs and whimsical smirk. GoldenEye was one of the most successful films of 1995 and a large part of the credit goes to the weapons and gadgets. This GoldenEye Limited Edition replica is strikingly similar to the one stolen from the Severnaya facility by the evil Xenia Onatopp and Colonel Ourumov.

Created with painstaking detail, we have used the original props and blueprints as a reference to make this uber-realistic model. The GoldenEye lens replica is created from machined aluminum with a brushed coating effect. What is remarkable about this replica is that the central part actually contains a CD-ROM and even illuminates exactly like in the movie. The twin keys of the replica are carved out of machined metal along with gold electroplating for that perfectly sinister yet classic appeal.

Materials : Machine aluminum and acrylic
Features : Requires 2 AA batteries
*Single size available