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Firefly Builder's Plaques Metalized Sticker Set

Firefly Builder's Plaques Metalized Sticker Set


  • $9.95

Have you ever fantasized about piloting a Firefly-class ship? Of course you have! Who wouldn’t want to take control of a beautiful and powerful ship like Serenity! Well if you are keen on piloting a Firefly-class approved ship, say no more. We are offering you this amazing Builder’s Plaques Metalized Sticker Set that transforms any ordinary vehicle into a powerful transport ship from Firefly. The two shiny stickers made from weatherproof metalized polyester are identical to the ones seen in the series and can easily recreate Serenity’s engine room.

With detailed information of the ship as well as the seal of approval, both stickers are a 1:1 scale replica of the original and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you want to stick them on your bumper stick or inside your car, you can surely enjoy a Firefly-class ride.  

Dimensions: 4.6” H x 2.35” W | 3.52” H x 4.7” W

Material: Metalized polyester             
Features: 1:1 scale replicas

*Single size available