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Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration Art Print

Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration Art Print


  • $14.95

Celebrate a Decade of Iconoclasm

September 20, 2002. That was the day that the American space western TV series Firefly premiered on the Fox network, bringing to life the adventures of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his renegade crew aboard the spaceship Serenity.
Despite the TV series' short life span of just 14 episodes, the love for this iconic franchise from Joss Whedon continues to grow, boasting more fans each day. A decade later, Firefly is a worldwide phenomenon, achieving almost legendary status among people who love and create sci fi.
To celebrate Firefly's 10th anniversary, we're thrilled to present an homage.
This beautifully stark image of Firefly's silhouette against a golden moon with a quote from our favorite captain is yours to savor. Our Firefly 10th Anniversary Celebration lithograph is the same size as a movie one-sheet - measuring 27" x 40" - and is printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper.