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Evolution of the Cylon Poster

Evolution of the Cylon Poster


  • $14.95

Ascent of Toaster

From kitchen appliance to Caprica Six, how the Cylons came to be. Now you can own this large banner-style poster that depicts the complete evolution of the Cylon race, starting with the simple Toaster through their early prototypes up to the advanced humanoid models.

Our 12" x 29" banner-style poster features stylized renderings of all the Cylon models that are known to have existed. Its printed on 110-pound Aspire Petallics stock- a sumptuous, glimmering paper that subtly changes hue, depending on how light strikes it.

Aspire Petallics paper is manufactured carbon neutral using 100 percent wind energy, and is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) complaint using 30 percent recycled paper. Just the sort of thing our future Cylon overlords would approve of.