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Doctor Who Tardis Backpack

Doctor Who Tardis Backpack


  • $49.95

Ask any Whovian what they want the most in life and you will receive one answer – the TARDIS. And who wouldn’t want this amazing time travel machine that can take you from the birth of the universe to the ends of it? This adorable Doctor Who Tardis Backpack is the perfect companion for school or even a casual Whovian meet. We use the word ‘casual’ loosely; we know how intense it can get in the magical world of Time Lords!

Compact, simple, and strong; this backpack is a delight to wear and show off as it rests comfortably on your shoulders. With a simple Tardis design in the front, the backpack gets every detail with precision. With a small zipper across the front and a single compartment interior, you can store all your Time Lord essentials with ease, yes even your fez. Fezzes are cool.

And of course, it is bigger on the inside. (We just had to say it!)

*One size fits all