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Doctor Who Red Dalek Cuffed Beanie

Doctor Who Red Dalek Cuffed Beanie


  • $16.95

Having a bad hair day? For the first time in Doctor Who history, a Dalek comes to your rescue. We are of course talking about this adorable red cuffed beanie. Complete with the ears and stout, this knit material beanie is the perfect accessory on a windy day or when you just don’t feel like dressing up! Available in a bright red color, it is sure to raise alarm like any Dalek. If you are looking to exterminate a bad hairdo, all you have to do is put a bag on it! We mean beanie.

With a comfortable and free size material, this cuffed beanie suits everyone and anyone who has a unique fondness for these gooey creatures from Skaro. Raining terror on their path, you too can scare off the scum of the universe by assuming the role of the superior and stronger Dalek. Beware the Oncoming Storm though; we hear he’s bad news.

Material : Knit

*One size fits all