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Doctor Who Blue Tardis Knapsack

Doctor Who Blue Tardis Knapsack


  • $39.95

What is a Doctor without his trusty Tardis? Bored, that’s what!

While you cannot drag a giant wooden police box everywhere, you can carry this adorable knapsack. There is no better way to showcase your fandom and attract the attention of other Whovians and than wearing a freakin’ TARDIS on your back! Can it BE more obvious? This bag nails all the details, even the classic Tardis Blue color!

With the numerous pockets and zippers around the front and inside the bag, you can store away your sonic screwdriver, your bowties and your bananas in a safe place. Made from soft cotton weave and faux leather belts, this sentient companion may not take you where you want to go, but always where you are supposed to go – around the universe; sometimes saving people, sometimes just partying with them!

Dimensions : 14” H x 11” W
Material : Cotton weave and faux leather
Features : Adjustable shoulder straps (Nylon)

*One size fits all