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Doctor Who Sticker Set


  • $5.95

Are you a true blue Whovian? Do you incessantly follow the wibbly wobbly details of the Doctor’s adventures? If yes, show your love for the longest running sci-fi show ever with this unique set of stickers. Doctor Who is not just another TV show; it is almost like an institution with millions of followers all over the world. And these stickers are your ticket to meeting more people like yourself. Nothing like using colorful stickers as bait to catch more Whovians!

Made from resilient and waterproof vinyl, these stickers are good for indoor and outdoor use. They can be placed anywhere from your laptop and backpack to your car window or bumper sticker. Each set of six stickers is inclusive of one Tardis, one K9 (ever the trusty and smart dog) and four colorfully adorable Daleks who first appeared in the episode ‘Victory of the Daleks’.

Dimensions : 4.75” H x 3.5” W
Material : Vinyl
Features : Weatherproof and clear, set of 6
*Single size available