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Firefly Complete and Official Map of The Verse

Firefly Complete and Official Map of The Verse


  • $19.95

Anyone who has played the Serenity Role Playing Game knows how much fun it is! This incredibly detailed Map of The Verse is something all Firefly fans should have, especially if you are the Game Master. Inspired from the brilliantly detailed work of Serenity’s graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel, this Map of The Verse answers several questions that Firefly fans and RPGs have been waiting to find out!

If you identify yourself as a Browncoat, you can use this stunning Gao Guhn art masterpiece to guide yourself through the moons and star clusters around the universe. The Complete and Official Map of The Verse was created over meticulous research and detailing that lasted over two years. From the world of Joss Whedon’s Serenity and Firefly, this detailed map is available in an easy to use Z-folded packet.

Dimensions: 25” H x 38” W
Material: 65-pound heavy cover stock paper
Features: Indexed 215 worlds, moons, protostars, star systems, gas giants etc