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Worst Movie Openings June 11 2015, 0 Comments

As far as I can tell these types of stats have been kept the past 3 decades or so and do you know what the worst weekend openings have been?  There's always the odd movie no one has heard of, but would you have put these in your top 5?  Hoot, The Seeker, Strange Magic each grossing no more than 3-5 million.  Proof that a great book, TV series or even the creator of Star Wars is not immune to take a hit when the offering is lacking.    

Just to put that into perspective a good opening can easily see a movie gain $50 million like Jurassic Park III or Independence Day to $200 million like The Avengers

Not criticizing the financial disasters mind you it is America, and we can throw money away with the best of em.  Plus these all made more than my movie.  Can't believe no one wants the story of my life.  Sad really.

Thanks to Box Office Mojo for keeping stats that are fun and informative on this subject. 


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